Emily Karungi - @EmilyKarungi

You Don’t Need a PhD for NLP


Social sciences have studied how ideological bias of news organizations influences the framing of news using content analysis of data collected through the cumbersome process of hand-coding news articles. Python offers a way to automate this process making it quicker, more accurate and reproducible.


What is media bias and how is it measured?

This talk will demonstrate useful Python libraries, frameworks and tools that can enable just about anyone to examine media bias. As an example, I will present a study of how the media portrayal of environmental groups in the UK and the US changed over time.

We will discuss the Python libraries and tools we used for web scraping, for analyzing data, building models and visualizing the results.


Emily is a Software Engineer with 5 years of experience building software. She’s passionate about helping more women join the Technology scene which drove her to start and be apart of groups like Django Girls Kampala and the Women Passion program in Uganda. Because of her commitment and contribution to the Django community, Emily was appointed as one of the Developer members of the Django Software Foundation. She recently moved to Barcelona and works at ThoughtWorks, a global software consultancy.

Emily met Lori at a Rails Girls Summer of Code Bootcamp 3 years ago, they both love python and advocate for using software to create social impact.