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A Python conference in Ljubljana, Slovenia, taking place on April 18 & 19, 2020. Followed by three days of sprints.

Due to COVID-19 the conference is postponed to a later time in the future

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Keynote Speakers

dr. Mateja Verlič Brunčič

dr. Mateja Verlič Brunčič

Almost ten years ago, Python and its frameworks changed Mateja's life when she joined a well known Slovenian startup. She quickly realized that Bottle and Flask are not necessarily related to alcoholic beverages and that microframeworks could move large chunks of bodies, if necessary. She believes that if the original MacGyver were a programmer, he would use Python and gum and some duct tape.

She was knee-deep in tools and scripts, minding her own business, and then the next thing she knows, she's involved with some badass Python developers doing good things, like organizing a Django workshop for women. Not unlike Django from Django Unchained, but this one helping women to overcome their fear of programming.

Currently, she's exploring the frontiers of genes, alleles and healthy lifestyle at GenePlanet.

She will guide us through funny side-effects of getting to know Python and its family of frameworks. You will also find out whether this journey was worth taking.

Matthew Wilkes

Matthew started working with Python in 2005 and has since contributed core code to a number of Python Web frameworks such as Zope, Plone, Pyramid and Django. For many years he was a member of the Plone security team and served on the Plone Framework team.

Professionally, he worked on web offerings for many of the most prestigious universities in the English speaking world, as well as various charities, governments and non-profits. The occasional company, too.

Currently, he is keeping himself busy polishing up his upcoming book by Apress, Advanced Python Development: Using Powerful Language Features in Real-World Applications.

He’ll show us some of the best and most underused features of Python.

Matthew Wilkes


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