Paweł Kopka - @DrNoneBody

Does your one commit matter?


Do you ever have doubts whether your one commit to some open source project matters at all? Don’t wallow in doubt, let’s check the data. We will take a look at the most popular open source Python projects. Using plotly and PyGithub we are going to check how many small contributions are there and what part they take in the whole project. Maybe even this one tiny fix matters.


I always wonder if it is worth to create one commit to an open source project. Does this commit matter at all in thousands of others made by some top contributors?

In this presentation, I want to show that open source is made not only by full time contributors but also by “a few commit contributors”. I’m going to show what part of the whole project small contributors take. I want to show the distribution of commits among contributor for a few big open source Python projects. In the end, I want to share my conclusions, that each commit matters because a small ant builds an anthill.


SRE at Fresha, pythonist and cloud-native enthusiast. One of the founders of Nine Fives Labs. In past worked with Software-defined networking and multicloud projects in many roles. Multiple speaker in different IT area conferences.