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The beautiful world of Python type annotations


Did you hear about Python type annotations? They are a great way to write fewer tests and to not wonder what input types a function takes and they enhance your coding experience while developing. But the biggest benefit is that they help you think about your code on another level.


I learnt how to program through the old Python 2.7, which does not concern itself with types. After I started learning other languages it surprised me how much types help during all phases of software development. When Python 3.5 was released I was super excited. I was thinking: this is it, Python now has types. Little did I know, I will have to wait until Python 3.7 to start using them.

In this talk, I will explain the benefits of using type annotations, present libraries, and tools that enhance the development experience even more.


Janez Troha is a pragmatic programming polyglot who also likes new and shiny things. Janez Troha likes to take things apart and play with them and thinks that’s a great way to learn about things in general.