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Async microservices in Python


Async is all the craze these days, but it might be intimidating because you hear it’s complicated. Luckily for us, there are a lot of frameworks out there that will help us writing async code: join to see how to write your first async microservice!


While not exactly new, async programming has arrived quite recently in the Python core. This enabled to create a wide ecosystem of async-first or async-enabled libraries and frameworks that makes async programming more available to the everyday developer. Writing an async microservice is a good way to get your hands dirty with async programming: we’ll see how to write one using FastAPI (and Starlette under it), including OpenAPI documentation, tests. Just to add a little spice on it, it will not be a boring TODO application, but we’ll create a search API on top of an ElasticSearch server to solve some real-world problems.


Founder/CTO @NephilaIT - Django CMS core dev - Djangonaut - @DjangoConEurope 2017 organizer. Iacopo Spalletti loves python, but tinkers with any piece of technology at hand. Iacopo Spalletti likes to build and release things, experiment, achieve spectacular failures and sometimes useful successes.

Iacopo Spalletti likes to speak and organize conferences and meetups. When not coding, you can find him on the stool of the local pub mumbling about yeast and hops.